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Dear Coach, is one of the leading athletic recruiting services for US college athletes worldwide. We’ve sent more than 1,000 foreign athletes to college programs in the NCAA and NAIA since 1998. We work with the most talented athletes in the German-speaking countries. Many US college coaches trust us and have been working with us for many years already. We’d be happy to provide references.

Of course, we follow the NCAA/NAIA rules and regulations. Here are some key points about our service:  

- There is no cost for coaches. Just send us an email and we’ll send you your log-in info to the website. This is no subscription, we just protect the data of our students with a password from unauthorized use. 
- We screen all athletes thoroughly for their athletics, their academics and their eligibility. This means that you can be sure that talking to the athletes is worth your while. We don’t work with athletes who won’t be eligible or can’t make an impact on at least a mid-level college team.
- The profiles on our website contain athletic performance data from the last years, grades, test scores, graduation info, photos and videos
- You can get in touch with our athletes directly by hitting the contact-buttons in their respective profiles
- We help the coaches and student-athletes through every aspect of the recruiting process to make sure that things will work out at the end
- It is our top priority to make good matches. We’ll do our best to send you athletes that will fit in your team in all aspects and will graduate from your institutions. With our wealth of experience, we’ve a very good idea of what quality of athletes are needed in which conference etc.
- Our team consists of former varsity players and assistant coaches as well as education professionals, who have studied in the USA

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