Service Description

Sport-Scholarships acts as a full service agency for talented student-athletes. This means that we assist our clients through the entire recruiting and enrolment process. We’ll e.g.:

  • Give you a realistic evaluation of your scholarship chances
  • Offer a counseling about the US university system and specific institutions that would fit your needs and priorities
  • Create an athletic profile with photos and videos of you, promote it among the US college coaches in your sport
  • Support your registration and preparation for the necessary tests, e.g. SAT & TOEFL
  • Edit & publish the necessary video material for your profile
  • Help you communicate with the coaches
  • Assist comparing teams and universities
  • Explain and compare different scholarship terms
  • Help with your NCAA or NAIA registration
  • Assist you through the entire application at the university of your choice
  • Give you advice in regards to visa applications, insurances and other aspects
  • Act as a mentor during your studies in the US