Team of

Philipp Liedgens
Philipp Liedgens, Co-Owner and Managing Director of, has joined the company in 2003. Philipp has studied at the University of South Florida and received his M.A. in 2002. During his two years at USF, he worked as a graduate assistant in the International Affairs Department of the university, where his main focus was to further internationalize the schools. Philipp has always been very involved in sports, competed on semi-professional teams in several sports. Philipp spends a lot of his time to meet coaches, visit universities, coaches’ conventions and NCAA/NAIA events. He acts as the main contact for coaches and continues to counsel students. 

Sebastian Haensel
Sebastian Haensel has received a Bachelor Degree at Towson University in 2006. He was a NCAA I All-American in the very successful soccer team of these years. Sebastian was a client, loved the experience and came back to work with us. Sebastian does a great job counseling our students and works a lot with soccer players and coaches.

Malte Voigt
Malte has studied History and Political science at the University of Muenster and Barcelona from 2003 to 2009 and received his M.A. in 2009. His major field of study was International Relations and Latin America. Additionally to his studies he applied to the national and international competitive sport system as a member of a research project as well as by writing his M.A thesis. Malte played as well for several years’ soccer for SV Eichede in the Schleswig-Holstein Liga and has joined the Sport-Scholarship team in 2009.

Steffen Thies
Steffen has studied Social Sciences and Scandinavian studies at  the University of Muenster and in Denmark from 2006 to 2010 and received  his  Bachelor Degree in 2010. Afterwards he lived in Copenhagen, Denmark,  working for the German Danish chamber of commerce as well as a globally operating advertising agency. Steffen played varsity soccer in high school for the Fernley Vaqueros in Nevada and played at a good amateur level in Denmark and Germany. He is part of the team since April 2013.

In addition to our colleagues above, we also work with freelancers, e.g. former students, who help us with their expertise in their respective sports in order to evaluate and recruit good athletes. We value the contact to our students and coaches a lot, tend to stay in touch for a long time and receive many new clients by recommendations.